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Greenpro Cool Film To Create A Microclimate For Your Crop

Greenpro Cool Film To Create A Microclimate For Your Crop

Climate is the most crucial part of growing vegetables and in the production of crops. The increased level of pollution has made the climate so erratic that farming has become extremely difficult. The climate that suits the crops doesn’t last long enough and because of that the crops are damaged and wasted.

Importance of Microclimate

To avoid climate changes and maintain a climate that suits the crops a microclimate is created. A microclimate is the climate of a restricted area that is intentionally kept different from the surrounding climate. This helps in providing a suitable climate for growing crops.

Crops undergo a lot of stress due to the changing season and climate. Microclimate helps in managing the best climate suited for a particular crop.

GreenPro’s Cool Films are used to create the perfect Microclimate for your crop to grow. The cool films have a good thickness along with good tensile strength that supports the maximum load. It has a lot of good features like good tensile strength, tear strength, total light transmission, light diffusion. To create a perfect climate for your crop – UV rays are extremely important to control. Hence, cool films come with UV stabilization against exposure to 180 kly and it is Anti-dust & Anti-drip.

  • Irregular climatic conditions can affect the quality and yield of the crop. To prevent this, managing the climate inside is important. Microclimate helps in maintaining the ideal climate for a crop.
  • It assists in keeping the soil temperature, air temperature, wind direction, and force in check.
  • A microclimate is much better for getting good, high-quality crop production.
  • It provides appropriate conditions for crop production by manipulating climate actions like heat, Carbon Dioxide, Ventilation, etc.
  • Microclimate helps to avoid greenhouse complexity and balance the energies in the greenhouse which is essential to avoid.

GreenPro is known for manufacturing sophisticated and specialized films for agriculture and industrial packaging. GreenPro understands the importance of establishing a microclimate for better crop yield and quality and hence provides cool films to create a perfect microclimate for your crop.

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