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How Anti-drip And Anti-Dust Properties Help To Prevent The Decay Of Films?

How Anti-drip And Anti-Dust Properties Help To Prevent The Decay Of Films?

Greenhouse films ensure the best environment for the crops to grow. It is essential that farmers and producers have a greenhouse film to protect their crops from getting destroyed. These films help in protecting the crop from rain, wind, frost, harmful UV rays, and maintain a suitable environment for the crop to grow. There are a lot of other benefits of greenhouse films.

There is no point if the film perishes too quickly. You would not want the film to break down easily. The point of having a greenhouse film is to maintain the environment for a longer time and not changing too much too regularly. The film needs to have some properties that make it work for longer times and provide the same level of functions as always.

To keep the film as it is and protect it from decaying, properties like Anti-Drip and Anti-Dust are very crucial. These two properties help to prevent the decay of films. It helps films to work for a longer time and provides the benefits that are useful to grow quality yield.


Droplets formed on the inside can damage the greenhouse film and eventually the yield as well. The condensed water droplets on the films also reduce the transmission of light by almost 15% to 30%.


Dust particles are everywhere. The wind carries dust particles along and it is not practical to separate the two. Dust particles settle on the films and it can cause harm to films lowering the crop yield.

Benefits of Anti-Drip and Anti-Dust Films

  • More light enters the greenhouse.
  • Increase in crop yield.
  • The quality of the crop improves and hence it gives a better return to the farmer or grower.
  • The chances of diseases decrease.
  • The need for pesticides reduces which also helps in cutting extra costs.
  • It helps the films to not let the dust stick on them.
  • Anti-dust helps to keep the film clean.
  • The films work for a longer time as they are not easily destroyed. It prevents the decay of films.
  • It saves the cost of regularly changing damaged films because of water and dust.

Farmers and growers have to be on their toes to protect the crops and in fact, make sure the quality of the crop is maintained. The crops have to be protected from dust, wind, rain, all kinds of weather conditions. Anti-Drip and Anti-Dust films are highly beneficial as it decreases the chances of decaying the films and hence, helps to improve the quality of the yield. There are other benefits as well which are discussed above in the blog. GreenPro provides a range of greenhouse films with all the essential properties to help the growers in all aspects of growing quality crops.

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