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Totally Impermeable Film (TIF)



Totally Impermeable Film (TIF)

Fumigation Films

The use of fumigant gases in agriculture helps produce high quality vegetables, fruit and flowers. Held in place with plastic sheeting, they sterilise the soil – eliminating pests like nematodes, bacteria, and fungi- boosting yields.  However, using standard plastic sheeting lets some gas escape into the environment, often with unwelcome side effects.

By adding ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer in barrier layer to GreenPro 7-layer films sharply improves gas retention, blocking permeation to keep fumigants in the soil.

GreenPro 7 layer TIF has been used successfully over the years with a variety of fumigants, including methyl bromide, dichloropropene, chloropicrine, metham sodium, dazomet, etc. permitting the reduction of fumigant dosage by up to 50%.

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