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Mulch Films



Mulch Films

Weed Control Film

Mulch is any material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a covering. In agriculture, the rapid growth of weeds, insects, and pests is a major problem. The modern way to deal with them is mulch films that save the cost of expensive chemicals and soil from getting harmed. They also help to better the yield of crops. GreenPro Mulch Films are advanced multi-layer films manufactured to meet a wide range of specifications.

Mulch Film

Colour – Black, silver black, black & white, photoselectiveGray, colored
Thickness – 20 to 250 microns
Width – Upto 5 meters
White – To increase the amount of light (reflection):

  • More light for the lower part of plants.
  • Reflects NIR part of sunlight, cooler soil.

White on black – Herbicide effect and increase in light.
Silver – To increase the amount of light, to repel insects.
Silver on black – Herbicide effect and disturbs insects activity.


  • Clean, quality vegetables & fruit production
  • Controls weeds, reduces labor
  • Reduce water evaporation loss
  • Maintains proper soil moisture
  • Reduce pest attack
  • Optimum use of water & fertilizer
  • Develop ideal microclimate
  • Soil become less compact – more aeration
  • Saves energy


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