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Advantages Of Using 7 Layer Film For A Greenhouse Covering

Advantages Of Using 7 Layer Film For A Greenhouse Covering

Greenhouses are used to grow plants and crops as they require controlled climatic conditions. Greenhouse covering comes in various materials. 7 layer Film for Greenhouse Covering is preferred by producers because of the advantages it gives. It is not much costly and the quality of the crop is maintained.

7 layers allow each polymer to be added in the right manner. All the layers are blended properly which gives growers multifold advantages. However, the quality of films matters a lot. GreenPro has a fully equipped machine from Italy – Bandera machine, which is Asia’s first seven layers wide-blown film and a world leader. 

Advantages of using 7 layer Film for a Greenhouse Covering

  • The mechanical strength of the 7 layer film is much higher than the other films. The usage of such strong films as a greenhouse covering means that there is not going to be any tears.
  • 7 layer films have a longer life and that saves them money, time, and efforts to get the greenhouse covers changed frequently. 
  • The lighting and optical properties are similar in 7 layer films. This makes sure that every crop and plant has uniform growth. 
  • Due to 7 layer film, there is a uniform temperature inside and the crops are under less stress. 
  • The films are anti-dust and anti-drip. Hence, it lasts longer than other greenhouse coverings.
  • 7 layer films allow us to separately extrude pure resins in each layer which enhances better performance.
  • Every layer has different additives so there is no interference and all single layers can perform their duty and work collaboratively. 
  • Increased layers are believed to enhance the properties of the film. 
  • The 7 layer films are extremely cost-effective along with the added benefits. 

GreenPro’s 7 Layer Films

The 7 layer films are used by farmers and growers to improve the quality of crops and yield. Our products are made to function for a longer time because of the high tensile strength and durability that it provides. 7 Layer films are manufactured keeping in mind the objective of enabling the growers to grow good quality crops every season.

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