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Waterproof Shade Net – GreenPro Venture

Waterproof Shade Net – GreenPro Venture

Shade nets are a special type of net that plays a significant role in protecting the plants from the fierce heat of the sun especially during the summer season. It is of immense importance for the plants that the temperature is optimal and the environment is friendly enough for enhancing the rate of production. It is precisely the situation where the shade nets come to the rescue. The shade nets not only impact the production of crops but also the quality of crops is significantly impacted. It is because of these reasons that shade nets are widely demanded covering for farming gardening and other plant-related activities.

However weather being a significant challenge for the plantation and farming process, often overturn protective barrier laid out by a shade net. It is majorly because of the change in the types and impact expected from nature many a time even barriers like shade nets fail to provide adequate support and resistance in developing protection against natural elements. One major example of such a natural challenge is the season of monsoon, which signifies a huge amount of rainfall. It is because of this reason regular shade nets that provide protection to plantation and farming processes during the summer season majorly fail in the monsoon. This usually happens because regular shade nets are not equipped to handle a large amount of rainfall because they are usually not water-resistant and lack waterproofing lamination.

It is because of this reason finding a perfect solution for plantation and farming during the monsoon season or high-density rainfall region becomes extremely important in order to protect the plants and crops. In such a scenario where regular shade nets have miserably failed to provide protection against natural elements like rainfall, Greenpro as an organization has stepped in to provide the perfect solution. GreenPro brings to its users GREENPRO VENTURE – WATERPROOF SHADE NETS, an ideal solution for plantation and farming protection from natural elements like rainfall even during the month of monsoon across places that signifies the huge amount of rainfall.

Waterproof shade nets by Greenpro is a structural change in the technology of developing shade nets, which can assist you in protecting your plants even in places with 365 days of high rainfall. Come let’s take a look at what are waterproof shades and how they can help plantation and farming protection even in case of high rainfall.

What is Waterproof Shade Nets?

Shade Nets are usually of two types knitted or woven. The knitted shade nets are made up of lightweight polyethylene but the woven shade nets are up of hundred percent polypropylene. In order to manufacture waterproof shade nets, Greenpro chooses woven shade nets for the purpose. These woven shade nets are then combined with clear laminated high-density polyethylene which is a waterproof coating. This results in providing a more compact sturdiness to the shade nets manufacturing process making the shade nets ideal for resistance against rainfall and season-like monsoon. This process of combining the exceptional features and properties of shade netting with a clear laminated high-density polyethylene provides a unique reinforcing membrane that supports the coating giving extra rigidity and strength against wind force and hail. It is because of these reasons unlike knitted shade nets which can only resist wind damage and at the same time reduces building up of heat, Greenpro woven shade nets are heavier in nature and hence can protect your plantation against the extreme high-speed wind, hails, storms, heavy downpour of rainfall and more, which are not possible in case of regular knitted shade nets. This eventually makes the waterproof shade nets by Greenpro more long-lasting, with impervious quality, and provides more resistance to natural elements making it one of a kind protective netting fabric that lasts for a long time.

Material Used in Development of Waterproof Shade nets by Greenpro

In order to develop long-lasting waterproof shade nets at GreenPro, we select the net fabric after having thorough testing of the material, to ensure we deliver what we promise our clients. Our developed Shade nets are made up of fabric yarns that are made of high U.V. resistant High- density polyethylene (HDPE). This allows our shade nets to be resistant to chemicals and weather conditions. Further by combining the exceptional features and properties of shade netting with a clear laminated high-density polyethylene waterproofing coating, a unique reinforcing membrane is developed making our shade nets ideal for usage in places with extremely high rainfall and major monsoon season. This unique combination of reinforcing membrane development, in turn, allows the shade nets to maintain their color and structure unaltered for many years. This color retention ability provides the fabric with longevity, strength, and resistance to abrasion virtually unequaled in fabrics of its type even when exposed to harsh natural elements. Further our fabric used for the development of shade nets also have a low vertical profile this gives the fabric a more even shading percentage throughout the daylight hours. This ensures that the plants get proper shading from heat and other natural calamities making our fabric stand out from our competitors.

Standout Benefits of using Greenpro Waterproof Shade Nets

GreenPro waterproof shade nets developed with the usage of HDPE reinforcing make it an ideal protective layer to be used for the purpose of agricultural and horticultural industries. Besides being the unique component ideal for plant protection from the high amount of rainfall Greenpro waterproof shade nets showcases many other diversified benefits with its usage, they are as follow:

Waterproof shade nets do not discolor: The HDPE used for the development of the shade nets has a unique property of molecular bonding, that resulting adsorption of the colors into the material used for the manufacturing of shade nets. This adsorption property works at a chemical bonding level making the color fuse to the material. This results in the material staying impervious to the natural element resulting in the color sticking back. This in turn makes waterproof shade nets potent against discoloration.

Waterproof shade nets have excellent wind resistant properties: The waterproof shade nets developed by Greenpro are heavier in nature and as result works as a constant barrier in cutting downwind speed. Further with compressive strength based on woven approach makes the nets not only strong but also flexible to the right extent, which acts as a protective agent against high wind speed by breaking them down through face–on and frictional resistance.

Waterproof shade nets will not rot: The waterproof shade nets are made up of fabric yarns that of High- density polyethylene (HDPE) which are resistant against chemicals and weather conditions as tested over the years from practical experience, which highlights its inability of decomposing even in salinity of water like sea or ocean, where even strongest of metals and elements gets dissolved. This makes the waterproof shade nets in-corrosive against water, which is usually the prime reason behind the rotting of fabric. This in turn makes the shade nets unable to rot even in the most torturous water exposure.

Waterproof shade nets have Ultra Violet stabilized properties for long life: The waterproof shade nets are manufactured using fabric yarns that of High- density polyethylene (HDPE), which is the best-suited material for water mounted solar photovoltaic systems. As per testing in Norway on HDPE and its exposure to ultraviolet rays, it was discovered that over time HDPE can degrade under UV rays, however in order to provide stability for UV exposure HDPE development started taking into consideration carbon black. Carbon black is UV resistant additive that is mixed with the base HDPE material under different concentrations starting from 1% to 3%. It is because of this reason thermal behavior of the HDPE/Carbon black composite floats so formed are observed before and after U.V exposure. FTIR and DSC curve confirms that carbon black is dispersed uniformly in the HDPE matrix and there is no degradation in the polymer after exposure to U.V light. This property thus observed clearly makes waterproof shade nets resistant to ultraviolet radiation, which in turn provides waterproof shade nets with the property of uniformly distributing the UV radiation. This in turn provides the WATERPROOF shade nets with UV stability properties for long life.

Waterproof shade nets manipulate the light energy received by plants: The choice of color and design used for the manufacturing of shade netting contributes by large to the Greenpro waterproof shade nets which directly influences the quantity and quality of light received by plants for photosynthesis and photo-morphogenesis. The darker the color of choice selected by the consumer the darker the shade effect the plant gets and vice versa, it is thoroughly based on the individual choice of the consumer to select, which color is ideal for their plantation as different plants account for different types of light exposure. It is thoroughly based on this coloration structure of waterproof shade nets the light energy received by the plants is manipulated by the planters and farmers making it ideal for all types of horticulture and agriculture usage.

Waterproof shade nets are easy to join by stitching: The waterproof shade nets manufactured by Greenpro are woven in nature, and since it, the woven process is additionally supported by a strong material like high-density polyethylene waterproof shade nets are usually resistant to tear and out of joint weaving. However, in case accidental situation based on natural or manmade action even if the waterproof shade nets tear up, then instead of changing the whole shade nets, users can easily stitch up the torn-up region of the shade nets. This not only saves users a lot of money from purchasing a new waterproof shade net but also saves time in replacement of the entire netting, in turn preventing the plants and crops from getting exposed to natural elements even if for a small amount of time.

These additional benefits provided by the waterproof shade nets by GreenPro make them stand out in the market for an ideal choice of usage in Horticulture and Agriculture.

Advantages of Waterproof Shade Nets

The introspection across Greenpro waterproof shade nets clearly showcases what it is and how it provides large-scale benefits to its users because of the material used in its production. Beyond these benefits laid out the usage of waterproof shade nets, there are many advantages that a user can acquire with the usage of the waterproof shade nets are as follow:

  • Waterproof Shades are water-resistant in nature and hence provide maximum protection to plantation even in monsoon season along with regions reflecting high-density rainfall over the year.
  • The HDPE used for the development of Waterproof shade nets makes it heavy and thoroughly resistant against strong winds thus protecting the plantation from damages.
  • The sturdiness and flexibility of the Waterproof shade nets make it ideal for protection against natural calamities like hail, in turn protecting the plantation from possible damages.
  • The carbon composite used in the development of HDPE the basic material used in the development of Waterproof shade nets makes it resistant to UV rays, thus making the product an ideal component for ultraviolet radiation stability for plants.
  • The adsorption chemical bonding of Waterproof shade nets protects the product from giving up colors; this, in turn, helps in preventing the plantation from damages of chemical exposure that may happen because of discoloration in poor quality shade nets.
  • The variant color option of Waterproof shade nets provided by the Greenpro makes it ideal for users to select the right variant as per their plantation requirement to light exposure require. Since color variants adjust and manipulate the light exposure of the plant.
  • The colors used in Waterproof shade nets are environmentally friendly and hence does not have any negative impact on the environment.
  • The sturdiness of HDPE used in Waterproof shade nets manufacturing makes it resistant to tear, protecting a huge cost behind re-buying the product over and over again.

These advantages reflected by the shade nets that support the cause of horticulture and agriculture make Greenpro Waterproof shade nets stand out in the market.

So if you are interested in investing in shade nets then look no more Greenpro Waterproof shade nets are the most durable ones in the market. With a wide variety of shade nets to select from, Greenpro is an ideal choice for plantation business or hobby.

Why Choose Us

At GreenPro Ventures our woven Waterproof shade nets are designed to stand up to the elements like high rainfall and a wide variety of temperature extremes, making it one of the most durable outdoor shade nets available. Further with the woven shade net variant available in shade factors from 30 to 95 % you can have a long list of choices that meets your requirement. With years of experience in the industry of producing shade nets, we at Greenpro offer a wide variety of options to select from. If you are looking forward to buying the top-notch Waterproof shade nets, do not look any further and come to Greenpro. GreenPro is one of the best manufacturers of Waterproof shade nets. The Waterproof shade nets from GreenPro Ventures stick to all quality standards and undergo rigorous testing before being sold. Thus, each of the users can be assured of getting the best quality Waterproof shade nets from GreenPro Ventures.

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