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GreenPro Woven Shade Nets The Most Durable Outdoor Shade Fabrics

GreenPro Woven Shade Nets The Most Durable Outdoor Shade Fabrics

Shade nets are special type of nets that plays a significant role in protecting the plants from the fierce heat of the sun especially during the summer season. It is of immense importance for the plants that the temperature is optimal and the environment is friendly enough for enhancing the rate of production. It is precisely the situation where the shade nets come to the rescue. The shade nets not only impact the production of crops but also the quality of crops is significantly impacted. It is because of these reasons shade nets are widely demanded covering for farming gardening and other plant related activities.

But have you ever wonder about the cost that you spend behind shade nets. A regular shade net cost might vary between Rs 120/Kg to Rs 240/Kg or Rs 98/Meter to Rs 185/Meter or Rs 750/Piece to Rs 1250/Piece and lastly between Rs 115/Square Feet to Rs 1150/Square Feet, clearly indicating a bulk amount of investment to be made behind shade nets to gain the valued outcome of shade net application. It is because of this reason, it is extremely important to invest in shade nets wisely; otherwise this costing would eventually become a recurring cost further creating a large burden on the purchaser, defeating the purpose of using shade nets in terms of financial consideration.

One of the biggest reasons behind this consideration is the quality of shade nets, and since shade nets entire purpose is protecting of plants and crops from different natural elements like sunlight, hails, snow storm, heavy wind, the impact of these natural are absorbed by the shade nets. In such a scenario a poor quality shade net will tear and get destroyed easily, increasing your recurring investment.

To put an end to this challenging issue with shade nets GreenPro introduces woven shade nets for all its customers. The woven shade nets of GreenPro are one of a kind with the best durable fabric in the shade net category.

What is Woven Shade net of GreenPro?

Shade Nets are usually of two types knitted or woven. The knitted shade nets are made up of lightweight polyethylene but the woven shade nets are up of hundred percent polypropylene. It is because of this reason unlike knitted shade nets which can only resists wind damage and at the same time reduces building up of heat, GreenPro woven shade nets are more heavier in nature and hence can protect your plantation against extreme high speed wind, hails, storm, heavy down pour and more, which are not possible in case of regular knitted shade nets. However, the heavier material used in building of GreenPro shade net even though traps greater heat, but are more long lasting, with impervious quality and provides more resistance to natural elements making it one of a kind protective netting fabric that last for a long time.

Fabric Used for Woven Shade Nets of GreenPro

In order to develop a long lasting woven shade nets at GreenPro we select the net fabric after having a thorough testing of the material, to ensure we deliver what we promise our clients. Our developed Shade nets are made up of fabric yarns that are made of high U.V. resistant High-density polyethylene (HDPE). This allows our shade nets to be resistant against chemicals and weather conditions. This in turn allows the shade nets to maintain its color and structure unaltered for many years. This color retention ability provides the fabric with longevity, strength, and resistance to abrasion virtually unequaled in fabrics of its type even when exposed to harsh natural elements. Further our fabric used for development of shade nets also have a low vertical profile this gives the fabric a more even shading percentage throughout the daylight hours. This ensure that the plants get proper shading from heat and other natural calamities making our fabric stand out from our competitors.

What makes our Fabric the most durable?

The fabric used at GreenPro to develop shade nets are made up of HDPE. This material is developed under controlled conditions by applying intense heat to petroleum. This process is also known as “cracking,” it helps in creation of ethylene gas. During the production of HDPE Sludge, the gas molecules will attach to form polymers, which then produce polyethylene. After this process, the polyethylene reflects a sludgy appearance. This sludge is then put through a series of molds, to form granules. Once the molding process is complete, these granules are converted to develop a strong polymer material. At GreenPro we extract these polymer materials in thread formation to create strands. These strands are then weaved with multiple other strands approximate between 150 – 1500 depending on requirement to create a string. These strings are then woven to develop our shade nets. This continuous rigorous process of testing application and detailed consideration makes GreenPro fabric the most durable in the market.

What makes our Shade Nets the most durable?

At GreenPro we wove our fabric instead of knitting; this allows us to develop a compressive strength structure while developing our shade nets. This compressive strength based on woven approach makes our strength nets not only strong but also flexible to the right extent. The woven formation binds each fabric to the other making an interlinking chain therefore creating a continuous resistance, and in case of break in the interlinking chain on any fabric string the other strings hold the woven formation this over time creates fusion pressure on the fabric allowing broken string to refuse itself into the interlinking chain. This provides our shade nets with dexterity and strength to hold on a formation that is unbreakable making the shade nets extremely strong and shock absorbing. It is because of this reason GreenPro’s outdoor shade nets are the most durable and resistant to any natural elements.

So if you are interested in investing in shade nets or its fabric then look no more GreenPro fabric and shade nets are the most durable ones in the market. With a wide variety of shade nets and fabric to select from, GreenPro is an ideal choice for plantation business or hobby.

Why Choose Us

At GreenPro our woven shade nets fabrics are designed to stand up to the elements and a wide variety of temperature extremes, making it one of the most durable outdoor shade fabrics available. Further with woven shade fabrics variant available in shade factors from 30 to 95 % you can have a long list of choice that meets your requirement. With years of experience in the industry o producing shade nets and shade net fabric we at GreenPro offer a selection of shade cloth with Mono X Mono, Tape X Tape, Combination of mono X tape in many colors and varying degrees of shades. Superior Shade fabric blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, depending upon the color chosen for your shade structure. If you are looking forward to buying the top notch shade nets, do not look any further and come to GreenPro. GreenPro is one of the best manufacturers of shade nets. The shade nets from GreenPro sticks to all quality standards and undergo rigorous testing before being sold. Thus, each of the users can be assured of getting the best quality shade nets from GreenPro.

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