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Utility Of Protective Cultivation

Utility Of Protective Cultivation

India is a multi-crop region. The practice of different fruits, vegetables, cash crops, flower production can improve the earning of the farmers. A farmer should know the utility of multilayer plastic before opting for the plastic agriculture or protective agriculture method. GreenPro has offered the farmers seven-layer plastic films which improve the thermal condition inside the greenhouse and also improve the structural strength. We are connected with Greenfarming solutions in eastern India to provide end-to-end solutions for protective cultivation. Please visit: to know more about the Greenfarmiong solution.

The green farming solution is an example of successful protective cultivation. To know how Protective cultivation can enhance productivity, we chose to visit one of the projects of Greenfarming solutions in Siliguri. 16.7kms from Bagdogra Airport, 6kms from Fulbari-Bangladesh Border, 30kms to Panitanki-Nepal Border, and 158kms to Jaigaon-Bhutan Border Mr. Dilon G Dastidar CEO of Greenfarming solution chose to open his Siliguri Farm. NewJalpaiguri Railway station, which connects to almost all major cities within the country is just 13kms from the farm. He started this farm in 2018, with 1.5 acres of land and five employees. Capsicum, Tomatoes are the main vegetables that are being grown all season, and strawberry and strawberry siblings are also being cultivated. Cumulative Yield of Greenfarming solution’s Siliguri farm – Strawberries 8 Tonnes; Capsicum 70 Tonnes, Tomatoes 60 tonnes.

They are doing protective cultivation with Pressure compensated inline dripping, gyronet, and cool jets working through automation and CMT fertigation. The demo unit has different models of European-edged greenhouses which offer air circulation fans, automatic & manually operated internal shading system plus a packhouse. Facilities for farmer training programs are also being arranged on the farm to learn growing techniques under protective cultivation. At Greenfarming, an organic module with full horticultural support and technology is the key to betterment.

“Currently we are cultivating the bell peppers soil less in grow bags providing nutrition through arrow drippers. The farm is 100% organic compliant. The strawberry is cultivated both under greenhouses and open fields in beds under the mulched film. We are also growing herbs and leafy vegetables under hydroponic technology at the farm” – Dillon G Dastidar

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