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Protected Cultivation The Need Of The Hour For Indian Farmers

Protected Cultivation The Need Of The Hour For Indian Farmers

Indian Farmers are facing a lot of trouble during cultivation these days due to locust attack or untimely rains which can destroy their crops. However hard they try, it is impossible for farmers to protect their crops as they do not have an updated and advanced technology for doing so.

Protected cultivation has become an ultimate necessity for farmers as well as buyers.

This is because farmers will sell their crops only when they are in large quantities so that they can earn a good amount of profit. The advantages of protected cultivation include production during the off-season, increased yields, protection from winds and rains, controlled microclimate, optimized water usage, and protection against diseases.

Protected cultivation is a new age farming technique. It will take a lot of time for people to understand this technology but once it booms it can bring a lot of change for the agricultural industry. It is important for farmers to understand the impact of protected cultivation on agricultural exports, employment generation, and increasing household income of rural India.

There are various government bodies like the National Horticulture Board and Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture and schemes like PradhanMantriKrishiSinchaiYojana and MagelTyalaShetTatla for facilitating Protected Cultivation and making people aware of its advantages.

Protected cultivation can help farmers in getting rid of water scarcity, irregular monsoons, and arid lands among others. At GreenPro there are various products like anti-hail net, anti-insect net, greenhouse film, ground cover, shade net, mulch film, tuff mat, silo bags, orchard cover, crop cover, roofing underlayment, greenhouse accessories, and hermetic bags and liners which can help in protected cultivation for Indian farmers.

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