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Tips For The Installation of Hail Nets

Tips For The Installation Of Hail Nets

GreenPro Anti Hail Nets protect the crops around the years against the damage caused by birds, hail, and all other attacks. It is suitable for vegetables, saplings, flowers, and fruit. It can be installed directly on canopies, crops or greenhouse fences, and other vertical and inclined structures. These anti-hail nets are flexible, easy, and lightweight. They can be easily uninstalled or installed.

These nets are manufactured by using a tightly bound leno weave in order to restrict the fabric opening during hailstorms. The advantages of the product are:

  1. Projects crops against pests and birds
  2. Lightweight design which can be easily taken by the crop
  3. Protection against Hail Storm
  4. Provides quantitative improvement to covered crop
  5. UV stabilized for long durability
  6. Available in Multi Colours for better plant photosynthesis

Some of the features of the product are being elaborated below:

  • Provides Shade
  • Allows light and air to plants
  • Recyclable
  • Strong, light, flexible, and easy to spread
  • Easy placement on simple support structures
  • Made from 100% virgin polymers
  • Can stand wind loads because of tensile strength

It is available in 50 GSM, 60 GSM, White 70 GSM, and Red 70 GSM. The hail nets are useful in hilly areas where hailstorms are common and damage crops every year.

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