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Our Manufacturing Process for Agriculture Nets and Films

Our Manufacturing Process For Agriculture Nets And Films

We at GreenPro, deal in the manufacturing of films and of different layers so that we are able to meet the exact needs of the farmers at its best. In an addition to this we also deal in the manufacturing of agriculture nets for the benefit of the farmers. At GreenPro, we make it a point to keep the quality of the films as well as the nets just perfect. This in turn makes sure that the films and the nets are appropriately suited for the intended purpose of use. The agriculture nets and films from GreenPro is manufactured in such a way that there is no compromise in the quality of the product. Each of the users are hundred percent satisfied with our products which does not give any of the users even a single chance of complaining.

Process of Manufacturing

To learn more about the process of manufacturing and delve deeper into it, please read through to find out.

At GreenPro, we always aim to follow a perfect manufacturing process so that we are able to manufacture the premium quality agricultural nets and films. We have ‘7-Layer’ blown film plants in house that has been imported from Europe. With these plants we are necessarily able to manufacture sophisticated as well as specialized films for being used in the field of agriculture as well as the packaging industries. We also keep a strict control on our manufacturing processes. We control our processes as well as the product quality from raw material to finished goods with the help of the high speed extruders, Karl Mayer warpers, knitting machines along with wide Sulzer and circular looms. In an addition to this, Our PP spun bond Non-Woven fabric is manufactured on a ‘5 Beam Line’ that is made in Germany and imported from there.

All of the products so manufactured at GreenPro necessarily undergo two stages of inspection so as to make sure that the fabric, films as well as nets are completely defect free before they are finally dispatched. We also have a in house state of art quality laboratory which is totally equipped so that all of the specifications of the manufactured products are confirmed for all the optical properties, mechanical properties along with some of the accelerated tests for the purpose of making sure that the products are highly durable under concentrated ultra violet exposure.

With our strong and fool proof manufacturing process at GreenPro, we makes sure to provide the premium quality agricultural nets and films.

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