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Agriculture Films We Manufacture

Agriculture Films We Manufacture

At GreenPro, we also deal in the manufacturing of films of different layers so as to cater to the exact needs of the farmers at its best. We make sure to keep the quality of the films intact so as to make sure that the films are ideally suited for the intended purpose of use without giving any of the users even a single chance of complaining. We at GreenPro manufacture films of three, five and seven layers. A complete range of our products are as listed below.

Greenhouse – Seven Layer Films

These films are used as cladding materials for greenhouses and tunnels. These films help in protected cultivation under controlled climate and come in different types so as to suit various types of climatic conditions. Both the mechanical as well as optical properties are of the supreme level and the films are extremely durable in nature making them just perfect to last for several seasons at a stretch. Moreover, these films offer high penetration of PAR light which readily enhances the growth and yield of crops.

Silo Bags

The silo bags from GreenPro are of the premium quality and plays a vital role in the protection of agricultural food items such as silage, grains and a number of others. These are resistant to barriers along with high puncture resistant potential. The bags are capable enough for maintaining the optimal temperature for proper fermentation of the silage product. Silo bags are great for offering hermetic seal thereby helping in the prevention of proliferation of insects, moulds and anaerobic bacteria thereby helping to minimise the loss of nutrients in the conservation.

Silage Sheets

As can be understood from the name of the product, the silage sheets are used for covering the silage storage. The sheets are up to seven layer film and have a large width of up to 12 metres. The sheets are able to resist tears as well as punctures very well. Physically the sheets are soft and flexible that necessarily fits much better on silo thereby reducing the air pockets. The silage sheets from GreenPro are strong, thick and resilient to the harsh environment conditions. Finally, the sheets come with superb oxygen barrier qualities.

Hermetic Bags and Liners

The hermetic bags as well as the liners play an important role in specialised high quality packaging. They are able to very well curtail moisture as well as gas transmission which in turn is vital in increasing the shelf life of the products. These bags and liners also prevent external contamination of hydrocarbons along with reducing the need of using preservatives. These bags are also very good for keeping the quality of the product intact at the time of transportation.


Mulch from GreenPro is helpful in covering the soil o which the plants are grown which helps in a much cleaner and high quality vegetable as well as fruit production. It has the capability to control weeds thereby reducing the amount of labour involved. It optimises the use of water and fertilizers on the crops. Mulch offers perfect microclimate and with its use the soil becomes much less compact and hence aeration is more.

Solarization Film

As can be understood from the name of this film, these are used for solarization or fumigation. These films are helpful in increasing the growth of plants along with very efficient and effective weed control. The films are also useful in controlling nematode and diseases thereby readily helping the farmers to a significant extent.

Thus, for all your requirements of different types of films with different layers, do not look further and come to GreenPro for availing what you need.

*The blog is the personal opinion of the author.

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