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Benefits Of Using A Ground Cover For Weed Control

Benefits Of Using A Ground Cover For Weed Control

Weeds are nasty. They eat up the nutrients from the soil that is fertile and moist. They are commonly noticed in agricultural lands, backyards, fields, and greenhouse-beds. They grow fast and it becomes hectic to control them if proper measures are not taken at the right time.

‘Weed Control Fabric’- a savior:

The best way to prevent the fast depletion of nutrients from the soil is by adopting ‘ground covers’, also known as ‘weed control mats’. These mats cover and protect the ground from harmful pests and insects. They are not at all expensive and can be easily put on the surface of the ground. When used on the mountain slopes, the mats prevent the constant run-off and erosion of the soil from the land surface.

GreenPro’s ‘Ground Cover’:

The covers provided by GreenPro are porous materials through which moisture, air, sunlight can easily pass into the soil. Moreover, the adhesive strength of the material helps it to stick firmly to the ground. The plants stay in place.

GreenPro guarantees that their ground covers are purely made up of ‘polypropylene tape’ with ‘UV stabilizers’. They are long-lasting and are very simple to apply on the ground. The covers stick to the ground thereby preventing the invasion of weeds, pests, or insects. GreenPro provides ‘weed control mats’ of various weights as required by the customer. The mats can be washed effortlessly. They are also available in differing colors, such as ‘black with stripes’, ‘white with stripes’, ‘black and white’.

Types include: ‘90 Sulzer’, ‘95 Sulzer’, ‘100 Sulzer’, ‘110 Sulzer’, ‘130 Sulzer’.


With no foul smell, less dehydration, a ‘5 year UV guarantee’, curbing the workloads of farmers due to the needs of pesticides and herbicides, GreenPros ground covers serve the goals to a great extent. Not only weeds but also fungal and bacterial infestations are highly prevented by these mats. These covers save the plants from both dehydrated and damp conditions. The covers are designed in a way to keep the plants and their pots inaccurate positions. For better farming, ground covers are therefore necessary.

*The blog is the personal opinion of the author.

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