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Applications of Ground Cover – Weed Control Mat

Applications Of Ground Cover – Weed Control Mat

Ground cover which is also popularly referred to as weed control mat, and as can be understood from the name, it is a mat that helps in controlling of growth of weeds. The weaving composition of these mats makes sure that the water drains and directly infiltrates the soil without causing any kind of damage to the mat’s fabric and at the same time provides the best possible results for controlling of weeds as well as stability of the soil. The weed control mat or ground cover is made up of 100 % polypropylene tape along with UV stabilizers, thereby ensuring a longer life span.

In addition to this, these ground covers are extremely lightweight in nature which make it quite easy and convenient to use. Most importantly, these covers are very easy to install and does not require any kind of additional labour for the completion of the installation process. The entire process of installation is completed within a short span of time. Moreover, the weed control mats are very easy to fold and spread. They adhere to the ground appropriately and are resistant to tearing, piercing as well as weed penetration, thereby making the weed control mats a more cost effective solution.

Applications of Ground Cover

The ground covers or weed control mats are extremely versatile in nature and hence find a wide range of applications that are as discussed below.

  • Agriculture

The weed control mats are readily used in agriculture in efficiently and effectively controlling growth of weeds to provide a much better yield of different types of crops.

  • Nurseries

The ground covers are quite frequently used in nurseries to make sure that each of the plants are able to grow and develop properly without any kind of interference from the weeds.

  • Greenhouses

The weed control mats also find their application in the greenhouses to ensure proper growth and development of plants by the elimination of weeds that hinder their growth.

  • Landscape Applications

These ground covers are also used for landscape applications in the gardens and lawns to make sure that there are no weeds. It is because of the fact that weeds damage the beauty and landscape of the gardens.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a number of other applications of ground covers or weed control mats.

Why Choose Green Pro?

GreenPro is one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable manufacturers of ground covers. The ground covers are so manufactured by Green Pro are appropriately woven to make sure that they are permeable and the same time, it absorbs sunlight, and reduces photosynthesis to make sure to prevent the growth of weeds. Moreover, GreenPro manufacturers premium quality weed control mats so that none of the users get even a single chance to complain.

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