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What Is A House Wrap And Its Applications

What Is A House Wrap And Its Applications

If you are invested in construction business then you are thoroughly aware of the problems air and moisture infiltration can create for your business. To bring an end to these elementary challenges at GreenPro Ventures have introduced house wraps, a perfect strong barrier against moisture or wind that prevent moisture, mold, and drafts from entering your home.

Let’s walk you through what is house wrap and how it can help!

What is House Wrap?

House wrap is a replacement for the older asphalt-treated paper, or asphalt saturated felt made of synthetic, lightweight covering that goes behind the siding and over the sheathing. It is the home’s secondary defense against water infiltration and air leaks and is the backup barrier that keeps water off the framing and structural sheathing and stops air movement through the wall cavity. A proper installation of House wrap defends a home from air and water invasions when placed appropriately. House wrapping a house creates an energy-efficient, healthy, and comfortable home.

Benefits of House Wraps

There are many major benefits of house wraps that makes them ideal for their definitive usages they are:

  • Improve your energy efficiency.
  • Prevent the formation of mould, wood rot, and other moisture-related issues.
  • Make your home more comfortable throughout the year.
  • Remove any air leaks.
  • Assist in insulating the space.
  • HVAC system efficiency should be improved.

These benefits makes house wraps a perfect choice of usage for houses and homes. Besides these benefits there are many different applications of house wraps they are reflected below.

Applications of House Wrap

There are any different reasons for which a house wrap is used; some of them are as follow:

  • To prevent the house from damages that can be caused by water leaks or rainfall
  • Work as protection against air, dust, and strong winds that can damage the exterior of the house
  • House wraps can facilitate the drainage of water, in turn preventing the home from water damage
  • House wrap can endure exposure from the sun while protecting your home from UV rays and extreme heat
  • Further house wraps can also be used to wrap glasses, woods and other additional structures of the house to prevent them from wood rot (caused by fungi), prevent accumulation of moulds on glasses and more.

These applications makes house wraps one of a kind utility that is largely demanded in the market. So if you are in construction business or just casually looking for a solution to protect your house then house wrap is just the solution you need. To know more get in touch with us, we would be happy to help you.

Why Choose GreenPro Ventures?

To get the best of quality House Wrap, it is of immense importance to select an experienced, reliable and well known House Wrap manufacturer. This is to make sure you get only the best of quality House Wrap so that the intended results can be obtained. In this regard, no other option would be as good as GreenPro. GreenPro Ventures is a leading House Wrap manufacturer providing the users with premium quality products that adheres to all the set standards that ideally serve their intended purpose of use. To know more about the product or for business enquiry you can get in touch with us.

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