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Top Quality Silage Protection Films

Top Quality Silage Protection Films

If you are into the farming business, then you should be thoroughly aware of the different challenges it possesses. One such major challenge that always creates issues for farmers is the storage of silages, forage, maize, hays, etc. There are two major reasons behind this one is damage to the stored silages from weather conditions and the second one is the continuous threat it possesses from intrusion by cattle, birds, insects, etc. In order to provide a concrete resolution to these challenges, silage protection film was invented to protect the silages forages, etc.

Let’s take a look at what are silage protection films and how they can help the farmers during their silage storage process.

What Are Silage Protection Films?

Silage protection films are forage, silage, maize, and hays, etc, protection covers manufactured from compressed polyethylene. The silage protection films are usually extremely durable in nature and can protect the silages from extreme weather conditions. Because of their highly durable nature, silage protection films are usually tear-resistant in nature and can withstand extreme pressure making them puncture-proof. It is because of these reasons silage protection films are always selected over the traditional silage covers.

Feature of Greenpro Silage Protection Films

Greenpro silage protection films are manufactured using 7 layered blown dry polyethylene composite. The GreenPro silage protection films come with better tear and puncture resistance and increased yield performance over traditional covers. Available in Black and White alternate surfaces, the Greenpro silage films have great reflective properties. The upper layer of the film is of white color which functions to reflect the light and reduce heat transfer. While the underneath layer is made up of black color to absorb heat and light.

Specifications of Greenpro Silage Protection Films

The 7 layered Greenpro silage protection films come with the following major specifications:

  • Available in width up to 12m
  • Available in thickness up to 230 micron
  • Comes in Alternate colored side of White and Black
  • User specification
    • The top layer is the White-colored
    • Bottom Layer is the Black colored
  • Resistant to Puncture
  • Durable and tear-proof material

These specifications make the silage protection films ideal for usage in almost all weather conditions.

So if you are looking for Silage protection films you can get in touch with us.

Why Choose Us

At Greenpro Ventures our 7 layered silage protection films are designed to stand up to the elements like extreme temperatures, making it one of the most durable silage protection films available in the market. Further with double-layered color, the silage protection films are ideal to improve the longevity of the silages stored. With years of experience in the industry of producing silage protection films, we at Greenpro Ventures are one of the best manufacturers of Silage protection films in the country. Our Silage protection films stick to all quality standards and undergo rigorous testing before being sold. Thus, each of the users can be assured of getting the best quality Silage protection films when purchasing from Greenpro Ventures.

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