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Steps to Prevent Weeds With Ground Cover Sheeting

Steps To Prevent Weeds With Ground Cover Sheeting

The only species in the garden that irritates the gardeners can be weeds. Even without being cultivated, these plants grow with a motive to harm other plants. It is important to keep them away from the garden. Dealing with them individually can take your time and energy simultaneously. But the ground cover sitting can be a perfect preventive option for those pesky weeds.
These sheets prevent sunlight from entering the ground while starving the weeds. It contains the growth of weeds when used correctly. It is an effective way to maintain the beauty of outdoor spaces while preventing the growth of weeds.

Let’s know about the steps to prevent weeds with ground cover sheeting.

Preparation of the soil
The first step to prevent the weed is to moisten the soil before putting the cover sheeting. You can use a garden house to dampen the soil. Prevent using too much water as it can make the area soggy and muddy.
Pulling out active weeds
Pull out the weeds by digging them out from the roots. You can also take out the other plans you no longer want in your yard. Using a trowel can make it easy to pull stubborn and large weeds efficiently.
Raking and removing all the debris
Before you install the cover, you must rake the entire area smoothly. It helps to remove dead foliage, rocks, and debris. But it would be best if you remembered to dispose of them according to the local dumping regulations.
Install plastic sheeting
In this particular step, you must cover the entire area with the cover sheeting. It will help if you cut strips to fit the cover in the area where you want to prevent the growth of weeds. You can overlap the strips to prevent the weeds from poking through any gaps. You can use small rocks to hold the sheet in place until you completely cover the area.
Surround the existing plants
Once you install the plastic sheeting, you need to cut holes to fit over all your existing plans. It can help you to get the best fit while keeping your plants safe.
Covering with mulch
If you can cover the sheeting with a layer of organic mulch, it can help to add an extra layer of weed prevention. All you need to do is to push the mulch toward the edges of the covering. Smoothing it in an even layer helps to add an extra prevention layer.
Pulling out new weeds
Cover sheeting helps to control the majority of weeds. But sometimes, the weed can appear in and around the existing plants if the plastic overlaps. You must immediately pull the weeds as these weeds are easier to remove.

Why choose Greenpro?

Greenpro ground cover sheeting helps to block the growth of weeds and aid in agricultural development. It is an ideal choice in a landscape application, greenhouse, and others to reduce the usage of weedicides. The cover is made of UV-stabilized 100% PP tape that ensures durability. These covers are easy to install and lightweight. They are a cost-effective solution to keep weeds at bay.

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