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Skirting Fabric Plays an Essential Role in Greenhouse Operations

Skirting Fabric Plays An Essential Role In Greenhouse Operations

At GreenPro Ventures, we understand the challenges greenhouse growers face. One crucial aspect is protecting your crops from various elements while ensuring optimal growing conditions. Our GreenPro Skirting Fabric is a powerful tool in your arsenal, offering a versatile and effective solution for greenhouses.

What is a Skirting Fabric?

GreenPro Skirting Fabric, also known as greenhouse apron fabric, is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) woven fabric with a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film coating on both sides. This unique construction delivers a lightweight yet highly durable material perfect for greenhouse sidewall coverings.


  • Enhanced Crop Protection: Skirting fabric acts as a physical barrier, safeguarding your crops from:
    • Hail Storms: The fabric’s strength can withstand the impact of hail, preventing damage to delicate plants.
    • Large Pests and Birds: The tight weave deters larger pests and birds from entering the greenhouse, minimizing potential crop loss.
    • Unfavorable Weather Conditions: Skirting fabric can provide an extra layer of protection against strong winds and excessive sunlight in specific situations.
  • Improved Growing Conditions:
    • Light Management: The white color of the fabric helps diffuse sunlight, creating a more uniform light distribution within the greenhouse. This can be particularly beneficial for shade-loving plants or during periods of intense sunlight.
    • Temperature Regulation: Skirting fabric can offer a slight insulating effect, helping to maintain a more stable temperature within the greenhouse, especially during cooler nights.
  • Durability and Longevity:
    • UV-Stabilized: Our skirting fabric is treated with UV stabilizers to resist degradation from sunlight, ensuring long-lasting performance.
    • Lightweight Design: The lightweight construction allows for easy installation and handling, reducing strain on greenhouse structures.
  • Additional Advantages:
    • Cost-Effective: GreenPro Skirting Fabric is a budget-friendly solution compared to other greenhouse wall materials.
    • Easy Maintenance: Smooth surface design enables hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.


GreenPro Skirting Fabric is a versatile solution for various greenhouse applications:

  • Greenhouse Sidewall Coverings: This is the primary use, providing a protective and light-diffusing barrier for your crops.
  • Temporary Wall Partitions: It can be used to create temporary partitions within the greenhouse, separating different plant varieties or creating microclimates.
  • Windbreaks: The fabric can be installed as a windbreak to shield plants from strong winds, particularly crucial in exposed locations.

Choosing the Right Skirting Fabric

When selecting skirting fabric, consider these factors:

  • Greenhouse Size and Layout: Ensure you choose fabric with a width that adequately covers your greenhouse walls.
  • Crop Requirements: Consider the specific light and temperature needs of your crops to determine if skirting fabric is suitable.
  • Local Climate: If strong winds are a concern, opt for a heavier grade of skirting fabric.

GreenPro Skirting Fabric: Investing in Your Greenhouse Success

By incorporating it into your greenhouse operation, you can gain a valuable tool for protecting your crops and fostering optimal growing conditions. The combination of affordability, ease of use, and significant benefits makes it a smart investment for any greenhouse grower.

Contact GreenPro Ventures today to learn more about our Skirting Fabric and how it can contribute to your greenhouse’s success!


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