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Waterproof Shade Net



Waterproof Shade Net

GreenPro Waterproof shade net fabric combining the exceptional features and properties of shade netting with a clear laminated high-density polyethylene waterproof coating.

GreenPro waterproof plastic sheeting does not discolour and it is used in the agricultural and horticultural industries. The shade netting provides a unique reinforcing membrane that supports the coating giving extra rigidity and strength against wind force and hail.

The choice of colour and design of the shade netting used in the makeup of a GreenPro product directly influences the quantity and quality of light received by plants for photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis.


  • Does not discolour
  • Excellent wind resistant properties
  • Will not rot
  • UV stabilised for long life
  • Manipulates the light energy received by plants
  • Easy to join by stitching

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