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Thermal Nets


Thermal Nets

Energy Saving Net

In extremely hot areas, the heat stress on the plants cannot be avoided by using just plain shade nets, for which we have developed a new method of coating the tapes with aluminum to reflect maximum sunlight and decrease the heat inside the greenhouse up to 4 degree Celsius and processed to ensure high mechanical and optical properties. Our method of adhesion of the aluminum will not allow the coating to peel off over years of outdoor exposure. UV stabilised screens can be made in 30% shade, 50% shade and 70 % shade and widths upto 6.2 meter in a single width.


  • Greenhouse heat reduction
  • Shadehouse
  • Helps create a microclimate
  • Pergola


  • Reduced heat, less stress on plants
  • Warmer night time temperatures
  • Cooler day time temperatures
  • Diffused light
  • UV stabilised

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