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Seafood Packaging Bags



Seafood Packaging Bags

GreenPro can help seafood vendors make a “fresh catch” even more eye-catching. We provide a variety of customizable seafood bags that will differentiate your fish, crab, shrimp, clam, mussel and oyster products from all the others at the wet market, fish store or the supermarket.

Brand your business using our customizable mesh bags. When all the seafood on the table look equally fresh and delicious, a few extra details on provenance, proper handling and suggested uses can help shoppers remember which package they will look for at the store the next time they shop.  Help repeat sales with your own designs and verbiage; sustain repeat business by reminding customers it is your product they like.

Ultimately, the durability and price point of our bags is what will make you choose GreenPro to help with your project. We offer different sizes/colors of mesh bags, for shipping and selling shellfish.  Mesh lends itself to increased visibility, color enhancement of your product and maximum breathability.

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