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Orchard Cover



Orchard Cover

Fruit Protection Fabric

With the aim of extending the fruit season & protection from unexpected hail storm and rain, we have developed superior quality crop covers. Woven HDPE fabric is laminated to ensure water impermeability. It distinguishes itself from other products due to improved mechanical strength and high resistance to tear. Further advantages include light diffusion and the reduction of thermal excursions, allowing for more balanced temperatures. These characteristics permit a regular growth of the fruits with improved coloring and ripening.

GreenPro Fabric has reinforced areas on the side selvages which consent a secure installation to supporting structures. This system allows the covers to be easily installed on low-cost constructions made from poles, steel cables, and zinc wires. Our films are ideal for the cultivation of cherries, grapes, pomegranates etc.


  • Cover made with eyelets and reinforcements for easy installation.
  • Produces the required percentage of diffused light to prevent excess of heat under the cover, improving fruit firmness and better fruit color.
  • Protects fruits from the rainwater, preventing damage from breaking and discoloring.
  • Coated on both sides, does not allow dust into the fabric and maintain more light transmission for a longer time.
  • Anti-UV protection and increased resistance to solar weathering.
  • Reinforcement in the central and lateral fold doubling the strength of the film.
  • Waterproof and immune to the action of bacteria and fungi.


  • Special reinforcement at center and edges
  • Eyelets provided on edges and center
  • Good light transmission
  • High light diffusion
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • UV Stabilized

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