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Introducing Our Range Of Woven And Knitted Nets/Fabrics

Introducing Our Range Of Woven And Knitted Nets/Fabrics

We at GreenPro dedicatedly work for the manufacturing of such products that play a vital role in helping the farmers in the improvement of their food quality, their yield and at the same time reduce the ecological footprint of their so conducted activities. So, here we are introducing our range of woven and knitted nets as well as fabrics so as to help the farmers in the best possible manner. Please read through to find out the details about the same.

Insect Nets

As can be understood from the name, these woven nets are perfect to keep the insects at bay. These can act as the top as well as side cover for the greenhouses, net houses and tunnels. The nets are helpful in keeping the insects away which reduces the need of using pesticides by the farmers. The nets act as a partial protection to the crops from wind and rain thereby helping in the creation of a ventilated microclimate in the area of cultivation. The width of the net is large which necessarily provides enhanced strength along with an aesthetic appearance.

Hail Nets

These are specially designed nets for the purpose of covering hail and birds from the fruit orchards. These nets are helpful in keeping the hail and birds away so that the fruits are not damaged. The nets are extremely lightweight in nature yet high in strength. Also, the nets are helpful in the creation of windbreak for the plants.

Skirting Fabric

The skirting fabric is readily used as the lower side cover for greenhouse and also as crop cover. The fabric is manufactured in such a way that it can resist hail as well as tearing. It is high in strength which imparts a long life to the fabric thereby providing a superior performance. In an addition to this, the fabric can be sewn into a net of the insect that is fitted with eyelets.

Woven Pond Liners

It can be clearly understood from the name of the product that it is used for water bodies. These liners serve great purposes in lining numerous reservoirs of water such as tanks, ponds, channels etc. The liners come with superb mechanical properties along with high strength. These are hydrostatic in nature and are resistant to punctures therefore can last for a long duration of time. Another of major benefit that can be availed is the enhanced flexibility of these liners and at the same time, handling is quite easy. We at GreenPro offer six years of exposed guarantee and twelve years of buried guarantee. We make sure that there are no hazardous materials used in the construction of the liners and hence can be necessarily used without any kinds of hesitations.

Ground Cover

The ground covers are used for covering the ground which play a crucial role in the prevention of growth of weeds thereby reducing the use of herbicide. These covers readily enhances retention of moisture along with the reduction of soil as well as nutrient erosion. The ground cover helps to create a much better microclimate in the root region of the crops.

Shade Nets

The shade nets are actually knitted nets which are used for providing shade cover to the crops. These nets provide light shade along with control of temperature. The shade nets are resistant to UV rays of the sun, sulphur and chlorine which imparts the nets a long durability. Ultimately, these nets are extremely lightweight thereby making them easier to install.

Special Purpose Twines

These are specially manufactured for being used as the lower side cover of the greenhouses as well as crop cover. The twines are given extra strength which makes them resistant to hail and tears. The special purpose twines offer superior performance and is long lasting in nature. Moreover, these twines can be easily sewn into insect net fitted with eyelets.

So, any point of time, you are in need of the woven or knitted nets as well as fabrics, do not waste any more time and come to GreenPro to get exactly what you are looking forward to.

*The blog is the personal opinion of the author.

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