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GreenPro Net Cages An Ideal Solution For Seed Breeding

GreenPro Net Cages An Ideal Solution For Seed Breeding

Seed breeding is one of the most difficult tasks for any farmer dealing in plantation and farming. One of the biggest reasons being the dependency on weather conditions and soil that is used for the purpose of seed breeding. It is because of this reason keeping out added challenges is a must lookout that farmers look forward to achieving in their profession of seed breeding. Some of the major challenges beyond just soil and ideal weather condition that farmers often have to encounter takes into account insect attacks towards the seed breeding process, extremely strong wind current that may directly impact the cultivation process, too much water because of high rainfall, extreme heat because of direct sunlight, and birds intervention trying to acquire the fruits of seed breeding. All these challenges not only cause major havoc for seed breeding resulting in a complete fail but also directly impact the quality of plantation that may upright out of the cultivation process of seed breeding. It is because of these reasons it is extremely important for farmers to develop an alternative solution that would not only help them cover the challenges of the seed breeding process, but also ensure the development of a proper plantation.

To ensure that farmers and cultivators can overcome the challenges easily, Greenpro brings to them a groundbreaking solution that is Net Cage. This would not only allow them to overcome the different challenges related to seed breeding, but also ensure the development of quality plantations in the process. Come let’s take a look at what net cages are and how they can help.

What is a Net Cage?

Net cages are fabricated mesh covering developed on a frame, constructed of conduit piping a 3.05-m section of 19-mm-diameter galvanized electrical conduit pipe is bent in two places, making two “legs,” each 1.22 m long. This is a standard individual-level structure of net cages that are usually used for personal purposes. The size of the net cage may vary based on the demand of the farmers and their requirements. The net cage overall displays an extended stand-up covering structure developed of frame and mesh to protect the seed breeding process for farmers.

Material Used for development of Net Cage

The net cage mesh covering developed by Greenpro is made from a textile called atelier. The atelier textile that is used for the development of the mesh for the net cage is our homegrown production textile that would ensure quality support for your net cage requirements in helping you overcome the various challenges that are common with the seed breeding process. The fabric is 1.73 m wide and comes in 61 -m rolls. Fabric mesh size has a count of 20 × 16 holes/2.5 cm 2. This mesh effectively excludes pollinating insects from the cage. However, the size of the material may vary based on the order and requirement placed by the farmer based on their requirement of seed breeding.

Specifications of Greenpro Net Cages

The Net Cages from Greenpro are available in two major forms to select from. One is for the insect–pollinating crops and the other is net cages for wind pollinators. Net cages made for insect netting are available in seven different types of mesh and are standard provided with a ten-millimeters wide zipper that is very strong and repels water. The cages are also provided with an enforcement band. On the other hand like insect netting, wind netting is also available in seven different types of mesh and is standard provided with a 15 millimeters wide zipper that is very strong and repels water along with combating excessive heat that may damage the seed breeding process.

In case farmers want to use the mesh cages in greenhouses, attachment rings will be placed that can be used to simply hang the cages in the greenhouse. Special construction is required for outdoor cultivation and is on request available along with the net cages.

Advantages of Using Greenpro Net Cages

There are many different flexibilities and advantages that the usage of GreenPro net cages provides. Some of the major advantages that Greenpro net cages provide are as follow:

Protection from Atmospheric Elements

With the help of the Net cage, the crops are able to get adequate protection from excessive heat, cold waves, frost, hail, ultraviolet rays, and a number of other atmospheric elements. This protection enables the crops to grow healthily under the right environment which is immensely beneficial for both the quality as well as quantity of seed breeding.

Adequate Protection from Insects, Pests, and Rodents

The Net cages provide adequate protection to the crops from a wide array of foreign elements such as pests, insects, rodents, etc. This, in turn, keeps the quality of the crops intact and prevents them from all kind of disease as well as damage. Appropriate protection of the crops by the Net Cages increases the rate of production by significantly reducing the percentage of damage.

Optimum Temperature and Humidity

The Net Cages provide the crops with the optimal temperature and humidity for their appropriate growth. This appropriate growth of the crops with the use of Net cages results in the production of premium quality crops that fetches a very good price in the market. In addition to this, the Net Cages allow the crops to be cultivated irrespective of the season which is an added advantage to the farmers since they can cultivate all year long.

The introspection of net cages clearly showcases how it is an ideal product for the purpose of seed breeding and can help farmers overcome different challenges that exist with the process of seed breeding. If you are looking forward to seed breeding then without a second thought order your net cage from GreenPro today.

Why Choose Greenpro

GreenPro has been a trusted manufacturer of Net Cages and hence the most preferred choice among the users. The nets are manufactured from a hundred percent atelier textile and come with a very tightly bound leno weave. GreenPro makes sure to always stick to the standards at the time of manufacturing so that there is no compromise in the quality of the product. So, at any point in time, you are looking forward to the best net cages, do not look further and come to GreenPro we will provide you with all assistance you need to select the right net cage for your seed breeding.

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