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Green Net

(Heavy duty)

Unit Specification
Material NA HDPE
Colour NA Olive Green
shade factor % 50-60
Avg. Weight g/sq. mtr 220
Mesh 1 inch x 1 inch 20X20
Warp Strength kgf 180+
Weft strength kgf 170+
Yarn diameter mm 0.36-0.4
Yarn Density Warp cm 7.8
Yarn density Weft cm 6-7.8
UV Stability KLY 700+

*All tests as per IS 16513:2016

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  1. fabric GSM including the selvedges is about 218-220
  2. The yarn was manufactured with a concentrated pigment with a light fastness between 7 and 8 which would resist color fading even after 4-5 years of UV and visible light exposure
  3. Can be used as Hail and Insect protection for heavy duty application.
  4. Capacity to produce over 350,000 square meter of this fabric per month of any width and length in roll form.
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