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Fumigation Films Helping Farmers Produce High Quality

Fumigation Films Helping Farmers Produce High Quality

Businesses or individuals invested in farming, crop production and plantation always faces huge challenges with the quality and quantity of yield. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the continuous impact brought in by pests like nematodes, bacteria, and fungi, which in turn affects the quality and quantity of production. In order to overcome this challenge farmers often use fumigation process that would eliminate the pests like nematodes, bacteria, and fungi, which in turn will improve production quality and quantity. However, one of the major challenges faced by farmers with fumigation process is the escaping of the fumigation gases into the environment, which causes major side effects besides impacting quality of fumigation process. In order to overcome these challenges fumigation films were developed as an ideal solution to help the fumigation process and cut down on the side effects the process have on the environment.

Let’s take a look at what is fumigation film and how it helps farmers!

What is Fumigation Film?

Fumigation films are plastic sheet developed from polymers which consists of polyethylene that are highly flexible and have very high core strength with an inner layer made of EVOH better known as ethylene vinyl alcohol. This makes the films different from regular plastic sheet, which often fails to trap fumigation gases used for the purpose of disinfecting soils or area for crop production. The fumigation films also ensure blocking permeation to keep fumigants in the soil which in turn helps in improving the yield.

Advantages of Greenpro Fumigation Films

At Greenpro our fumigation films are vastly different from those that are regularly available in the market. Some of the important specifications of fumigation films that make us stand out in the market are as follow:

  • Greenpro Fumigation films are processed and manufactured using 7 layers of copolymer barrier, with an increase 1 – 2 layers than usually available in the market.
  • Our fumigation films are far superior in blocking permeation to keep fumigants in the soil than regular ones, because of the additional layers we provide over regular fumigation films in the market
  • Regular fumigation films works usually with one or two chemicals, but Greenpro fumigation films can be used with all types of chemical like methyl bromide, dichloropropene, chloropicrine, metham sodium, dazomet, etc.
  • Since Greenpro fumigation film function so actively and far better than regular fumigation film available in the market, it cut down the usage of fumigation chemicals by 50%.

These specifications make Greenpro fumigation films the best in quality to provide support to the farmers in their fumigation process. The ability of the fumigation films to trap gases during fumigation process ensure better production and higher yield for the farmers, while bringing down the side effect on the environment.

So if you are invested in farming business, and is looking for an ideal solution that can help you in your fumigation process, then fumigation films is your solution. To know more about fumigation films get in touch with us, we would be happy to help you.

Why Choose Us

To get the most out of the Fumigation films, it is of immense importance to select an experienced, reliable and well known Fumigation film manufacturer. It is to make sure to get only the best quality Fumigation films, so that the intended results can be obtained. In this regard, no other option would be as good as Green Pro. Green Pro is a leading Fumigation film manufacturer providing the users with premium quality films that adheres to all the set standards that ideally serves their intended purpose of use far better than regular fumigation films available in the market. So get the most out of your Fumigation films requirement or to know more about our product get in touch with us, we would be happy to help you.

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