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Customized Greenhouse Cladding Films

Customized Greenhouse Cladding Films

The greenhouse films are used as cladding materials for greenhouses and tunnels. These greenhouse films play a vital role in helping the farmers to go for protected cultivation. Thus, the cultivation can take place under controlled climate. These greenhouse films are available in various types so as to suit different types of climatic conditions to help farmers cultivate across all seasons. However, where the market fails to assists farmers are with the size of the Greenhouse cladding films, it is because of this reason at GreenPro ventures, we bring you customized greenhouse cladding films as per your requirements.

Let’s walk you through what are Greenhouse cladding films, the different variety of films available in the market and type of cladding film we offer and the customizable options we provide!

What are Greenhouse Cladding Films?

Greenhouse cladding is basically a term that is used for the purpose of describing the cover material of a greenhouse. The cover materials so used for covering a greenhouse can have a significant impact on the level as well as the quality of radiation that the crops are getting exposed to which ultimately affects the yield of the crops. The cladding materials are necessarily an important aspect of any greenhouse design. The greenhouse cladding is actually one of the most vital components of the growing environment that is inside. There are a number of materials that are used for the purpose of being used as the cladding materials for greenhouse. Let’s take a look at the different variant of cladding films available with us.

Variants of Greenhouse Cladding Films

Glass: Glass is the traditional material used for the purpose of greenhouse cladding. Only layer of glass which is about 3mm thick is ideal for the purpose of greenhouse cultivation.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate cladding is certainly the next best thing after glass cladding. It is easily able to withstand some hail and with its flexibility, it can be very easily designed for the purpose of fitting almost all greenhouse structures. Moreover, polycarbonate has a higher light transmittance and it lasts three times longer as compared to a PE film but it is costly.

Polyethylene Films: The polyethylene films are very commonly used by the commercial growers because of the fact that the material is quite durable in nature, less costly and most importantly does not need a lot of maintenance. This is just ideally suitable for climatic conditions that is regulated and hence can be used for long seasons.

Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester or FRP: Fiberglass reinforced polyester panels are quite costly and are not commonly used any more. As compared to the polyethene and polycarbonate cladding materials, these do not have high light transmittance and is also reduced with the passage of time due to the ultra violet radiation. Fiberglass reinforced polyester is much more ridged as compared to polyethylene or polycarbonate and is also more prone to damage at the time when there is a hail storm.

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC Film: The polyvinyl chloride films have a quite high emissivity for long waves. This is exactly the reason as to why they are perfectly suited in the areas where the temperature is quite low during the night. Polyvinyl chloride film is very costly as compared to the polyethylene films and is not used as much as the polyethylene films. Polyvinyl chloride films have a tendency to accumulate dust at time when there are dry periods which has to be properly washed off so as to make sure that there is high transmittance of quality light.

Now that we have walked you through different types of Greenhouse cladding material available in the market, let’s walk you through what you get with Greenpro Cladding Films.

Greenpro Cladding Films

At GreenPro Ventures our cladding films are manufactured on our state-of-the-art 7-Layer blown film plant from Bandera, Italy. We have the right tools to create specialized films for agriculture. With our 32 component dozing system, we can ensure uniform and consistent mixing of polymer and additives throughout each of the 7 layers, which help to yield superior mechanical properties, optical properties, and UV stability. Now at GreenPro Ventures to resolve the size issues for our farmers we provide customizable options for our cladding films, ensuring our farmers can get the right size they need for their greenhouse. Further, with our customizable option farmers can select the thickness, opacity, UV stability and more as per their farming requirements. Thus, ensuring our customers get, the right type of cladding film they need for their farming business.

So if you are into farming business, and looking for customizable cladding film, then GreenPro Ventures Cladding films are just, what you need. To know more about our customizable cladding greenhouse films, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

Why Choose Us?

GreenPro Ventures is one of the trusted, reputed and reliable names as a greenhouse film manufacturer. With several years of experience in the field of manufacturing greenhouse films, GreenPro Ventures ensures delivering the premium quality greenhouse films for effectively serving the intended purpose of use. So, at any point of time, you are in need of customizable greenhouse films, do not look any further and come to GreenPro Ventures. To know more about our customizable cladding greenhouse films, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

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