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Benefits Of Using Hermetic Bags For Grain Storage

Benefits Of Using Hermetic Bags For Grain Storage

Post-harvest management of agricultural products is a significant challenge, especially in developing countries. Handling and storing grains are vital in keeping commodities safe from deterioration. The most important staple crops, wheat, rice, maize, and beans, are susceptible to storage losses due to pest infestation. However, you might come across several grain storage techniques, including traditional and local methods, application of pesticides and hermetic systems.

Understanding the Hermetic System of Grain Storage

Sealed or hermetic storage systems are the best ways of controlling grain moisture content and pest activities for grain storage in tropical regions. The system involves placing an airtight barrier between the grain and the outside atmosphere.

The moisture content of the grain remains the same when sealed. The ongoing biological activities inside the sealed bag will consume the oxygen, causing death to most insects. A hermetic system is the best solution for storing grains without pesticides.

Different Forms of Hermetic Storage Systems

Hermetic storage systems use special plastic containers, including volcanic cube and grain cocoons, small plastic containers and everyday wax polished water pots. The size of the system ranges from 25 litres to 300 metric tons.

Plastics are impervious to moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide and, therefore, found a wide application in hermetic systems. Since normal plastics are not entirely impervious, the system prefers multilayer plastics.

Some plastic hermetic storage structures found their function in different situations and needs. These include

  • Super grain storage bags
  • Cocoons and mega cocoons
  • Pits tunnels
  • Bunkers
  • Silo bags

Benefits of Using Hermetic Bags for Storing Grains

Hermetic bags are the best for storing agricultural commodities, including wheat, rice, maize, coffee beans, maize and cocoa beans. Enlisted are the few advantages of using these bags.

Better control of insect infestation and mould

With the reduction of the oxygen level, there is a reduction in insect activity. The high amount of carbon dioxide is a natural flushing gas, eliminating all insects. It further helps control the moisture levels, preventing mould growth and the adverse health effects of mould ingestion.


Besides storing dry agricultural produce, hermetic bags also preserve the product without any spoilage and use of pesticides. Therefore, it improves the overall grain quality and seed viability. It helps increase seed viability from 6 to 12 months in tropical climates.

Aroma, taste and colour

Grain storage bags prevent the reabsorption of moisture, which is a significant cause of crop damage. It is essential for high-value crops, including cocoa and coffee. This storage system helps preserve the aroma, taste, colour and freshness.


Since the technology prevents food losses and preserves food quality, it increases the profits of smallholder farmers and traders. It further boosts the agricultural economy.

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