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Benefits Of Anti-Hail Nets on Apple Trees

Benefits Of Anti-Hail Nets On Apple Trees

Apple production in India showcases a large demand throughout the world. However, from time to time apple trees are open to vulnerabilities and threats from birds and hails based on their location of production. In order to protect apple trees from the bird pecking on to fruits and hails destroying plants, it is of prime importance to ensure compact protection had been designed for it. The introduction of anti-hail nets is one of its kind delivering that protect apple trees.

What is Anti Hail Net?

The anti-hail nets are ideally suited for hail and birds to cover for the fruit orchards and even trees like apple and mango. These are lightweight in nature and very easy to install as well as uninstall. But at the time of buying anti-hail nets, it is to be made sure to buy from a reputed and reliable manufacturer so as to get the top quality nets. In an addition to this, the anti-hail nets come with some specific features which make the nets highly functional in nature.

Features of Anti Hail Nets

The features of the anti-hail nets make it stand out from another protective shield that can be implemented in order to protect plantation, some of the major features are:

  • Anti-Hail Nets are made from 100% Virgin Polymers
  • Anti-Hail Nets are Flexible, Light, Strong, and easy to spread
  • Anti-Hail Nets can be placed on simple support structures thus saves cost in building invasive and complicated structure
  • Anti-Hail Nets are Recyclable in nature and can be used for years
  • Anti-Hail Nets showcase good Tensile strength to withstand wind loads
  • Anti-Hail Nets allow light and air to the plants thus providing perfect condition for growth along with protection
  • Anti-Hail Nets provides shade to great extent preventing plants from damages

Benefits of Anti-Hail Nets on Apple Trees

There are numerous benefits that Anti-Hail Nets bring into the equation when using it for the purpose of Apple tree protection against birds and hails. Some of the major benefits that Anti-Hail Nets showcases are reflected below:

  • Anti-Hail Nets would help to protect the apple tree and its fruits against Hail Storm
  • Anti-Hail Nets lightweight design, for apple tree and its fruits to be able to take the weight of the net
  • Anti-Hail Nets come in Multi Colors for better apple tree photosynthesis
  • Anti-Hail Nets protect the apple tree and its fruits against large pests and birds
  • Anti-Hail Nets have the ability of UV stabilized for longer durability that would benefit the apple tree
  • Anti-Hail Nets contribute to the quantitative improvement of the apple tree and help in yielding a larger volume of fruits.

These benefits clearly highlight how Anti-Hail Nets would help the apple tree plantation in the long run.


GreenPro has been a trusted manufacturer of anti-hail nets and hence the most preferred choice among the users. The nets are manufactured from a hundred percent virgin polymers and come with a very tightly bound leno weave so as to restrict the opening of the fabric at the time of severe hail storms and attacks from birds. GreenPro makes sure to always stick to the standards at the time of manufacturing so that there is no compromise in the quality of the product. So, at any point in time, you are looking forward to the best anti-hail nets, do not look further and come to GreenPro.

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