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Application of Geomembrane Sheets

Application Of Geomembrane Sheets

From mining to disposal of waste, and from landfilling to petrochemical every step that we take to improve our lives, in some way or the other – directly or indirectly impacts nature in the worst possible way. To protect nature from such extreme harm, while carrying out operations that can help in improving our lives, GreenPro Ventures brings you Geomembrane sheets.

These sheets are just the perfect solution to protect the environment while allowing you to carry out your business operations without any hassle. Let’s walk you through what Geomembrane sheets are and how they can help in environment protection and the various applications they cover!

What are Geomembrane Sheets?

Geomembranes are synthetic fabric liners or barriers that are used to manage fluid mobility in a man-made infrastructure, system, or venture. They’re created from thin, continuous polymeric sheets that are occasionally made by soaking geo-textiles in asphalt, Elastomer, or polymer sprays. Geomembranes provide a barrier function to protect the environment – water, soil, and air – and to contain liquids and gases.

Now that we know what Geomembrane sheets are, let’s walk you through the different applications of Geomembrane sheets.

Application of Geomembrane Sheet

Geomembrane Sheets are applied in the garbage sector, as well as in environmental, hydraulic, transportation, and petroleum & gas applications. Continuous polymeric sheets are the most prevalent form. For further strength and longevity, bigger Geomembranes are thermally or chemically welded together at the seams. The Geomembranes size is totally adjustable, so it can be as tiny as a home fish pond or as huge as a football field if needed. Below listed are some of the applications of these sheets:

  • As fish pond liners
  • As liners for waste liquids (e.g., sewage sludge),
  • For radioactive or hazardous waste liquids (e.g., safe shutdown of nuclear facilities)
  • As liners for potable or reserve water or wastewaters
  • As liners for various waste conveyance canals in the agriculture industry
  • As landfill and waste pile liners for primary, secondary, and/or tertiary solid waste landfills and heaps
  • As emergency spillway linings
  • Within tunnels and pipelines as waterproofing liners
  • To contain and control liquid transported in trucks.
  • In the ocean, to hold and carry potable water and other liquids
  • To prevent pollution from deicing salts
  • To catch hazardous liquid spills beneath and near roadways.

These are some of the main uses of Geomembrane that vary across a wide range of industries.

Industries Geomembrane Sheets Support

Our polymeric geosynthetic barriers are in high demand for applications from mining and any class of landfill to petrochemical, oil and gas industries, and aquaculture. Some of the different usages of Geomembrane sheets in different industries include:


  • Municipal Waste Landfills
  • Hazardous Waste Landfills
  • Industrial Waste Landfill
  • Landfill Capping


  • Heap Leach Pad
  • Chemical or Pregnant Solutions
  • Tailings


  • The Natural Gas industry
  • The Coal industry
  • The Petrochemical industry
  • The Power industry


  • Landscaping Pond
  • Golf Course Pond
  • Water Detention Pond
  • Stormwater Management


  • Palm Oil Mill Effluents (POME)
  • Animal Wastes
  • The Sugarcane/Tapioca Starch Wastes

Now that we have covered ground on the ways Geomembrane sheets can protect the environment while allowing you to carry out operations across these industries, it clearly reflects the large-scale advantages it can provide your businesses with.

So if you are looking for an environment protection solution while carrying out your business operations Geomembrane sheets are just the ideal solution for you. To know more about Geomembrane sheets, get in touch with us a call: +91-8221-229400, we would be happy to help you.

Why Choose GreenPro Ventures?

At GreenPro Ventures our Geomembrane sheets are designed to stand up to all types of natural and human waste elements, making them one of the most durable ranges of sheets available for environmental protection. Further with our customizable option, you can have a long list of sizes that meets your requirement while protecting the environment from hazards. With years of experience in the industry of producing Geomembrane sheets, we at GreenPro Ventures offer a wide variety of options to select from. If you are looking forward to buying the top-notch Geomembrane sheets, do not look any further and come to GreenPro Ventures. GreenPro Ventures is one of the best manufacturers of Geomembrane sheets that maintain the ideal quality standards required for the product and undergo rigorous testing before being sold. Thus, each of the users can be assured of getting the best quality Geomembrane sheets from GreenPro Ventures.

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