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Protect Crops With Shade Nets During The Summer

Protect Crops With Shade Nets During The Summer

Keep Your Crops Cool and Protected: The Advantages of Shade Nets in Summer

Summer is the most challenging time for any crop producer or grower. With the intense sunlight and scorching heat increase, protecting the crops from significant damage becomes quite difficult. However, with the help of shade nets, one can protect their crop from harmful UV rays.
Here are some ways your crop can benefit from shade nets.

Protection from UV rays
The shade nets for crops help to protect the crop from harmful UV rays. These are designed to block out the percentage of sunlight and reduce the amount of UV radiation the crops absorb. Such protection ensures that the crops remain healthy.

Reduction in the temperature
It is one of the significant advantages of the shade net. These nets help reduce the crops’ temperature during the hot summer days. The netting material reflects some of the sunlight while absorbing the rest. Due to this phenomenon, the heat that reaches the crops lowers. Such a reduction in temperature is extremely important for crops susceptible to heat stress. As the temperature lowers, the shade nets help the crop grow faster and yield higher yields.

Increase water retention
The shade nets also help increase the crops’ water retention by reducing evaporation. Especially when the sun beats down on the crops, the water in the soil evaporates quickly. It leaves the soil dry and the crops thirsty. By blocking out some of the sunlight, the shade net reduces the amount of evaporation and ensures that the crop receives the necessary moisture to produce a high-quality yield.

Avoid pest infestation
In addition to protecting the crops from UV rays and heat stress, the shade nets offer protection from pests, especially pests like spider mites, whiteflies, and aphids in hot and dry conditions. With the help of shade nets, it becomes less conducive for these pests to thrive. Thus, the likelihood of infestation reduces.

The versatility of the shade net makes it easy for farmers to use it in different ways to protect various crops. One can use them to cover individual rows, fields, or even specific plants. They can also create a shade structure that provides shelter for crops during the hottest part of the day.
These nets come in different densities and shades, allowing the user to choose the level of protection and shade that their crops require.

Why choose GreenPro shade nets

Greenpro shade nets are the most effective and affordable option that can help you to protect your crops during the hot summer months. Apart from that, these nets come in different densities and shades, which allows the farmer to choose the level of shade and protection according to the needs of the crops. By using these shade nets, farmers can ensure that their crops remain healthy and produce high-quality yields even during the hottest day of Summer.
To order shade nets for your crops, visit us today!

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