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25 mesh Unit Specification
Material NA HDPE
Colour NA clear
shade factor % 14-18
Avg Weight g/sq. mtr 98-107
Mesh 1 inch x 1 inch 25X20
Warp Strength kgf 80-85
Weft strength kgf 60-65
hole size mm x mm 0.69X1
Yarn diameter mm 0.25
Yarn Desity Warp cm 9.5-9.8
Yarn density Weft cm 7.5-7.8
UV Stability KLY 700+

*All tests as per IS 16513:2016


  1. High quality stabilizers added to provide resistance to UV rays
  2. Anti- Sulphur and anti- Chlorine to prevent early degradation
  3. Reinforced edges to prevent yarn displacement
  4. Finely woven to provide uniform screening
  5. Water and air permeable
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